Macon County, NC Economic Incentives

County Incentives

Macon County offers an Economic Development Grant at the discretion of the County. The County may offer the Economic Development Grant to a company investing at least $1 million in Macon County and creating jobs that pay at or above the County's median wage and that offer health benefits. The Grant amount is dependent on the number and quality of jobs created or retained. A performance agreement must be signed by the recipient and the County. Not all projects are eligible for the Grant.

In addition to the Economic Development Grant, Macon County may use a North Carolina Building Reuse Grant to renovate or retrofit an existing industrial building for a company's use and/or may apply to the State for a Community Development Block Grant, Industrial Development Fund Grant, or Road and Rail Access Fund Grant in order to make infrastructure improvements to attract new jobs and investment to the County. Contact Macon County's Economic Development Director to inquire about the County's local incentives.

Why Choose Us?

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Location Is Everything

Macon County is truly in the “center of it all”, just a short distance from major markets such as Atlanta GA, Greenville SC, Knoxville TN, Chattanooga TN, Columbia SC and Asheville, NC. With four-lane connectivity to I-40, I-26 and I-85, we are easily accessible to all points in the Southeast, Midwest and Eastern Seaboard. Inland Port rail access is only 2 hours away.

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Workforce / Workforce Training

Macon County has an area workforce draw of over 125,000. Customized Workforce Training (including advanced manufacturing) is provided by Southwestern Community College and NCWorks Career Centers provide employers a single place to address employment and training needs. In addition, Macon County Public Schools offer a variety of STEM initiatives to prepare the workforce of the future.

Get the Speed You Need

Macon County is served by Balsam West FiberNet, provider of the highest grade fiber-optic broadband service available. BalsamWest has constructed over 400 miles of underground fiber throughout Western North Carolina, in a ringed topology, designed to be available 99.999 percent of the time on the backbone fiber, providing world-class connectivity for business and industry.

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Time Is Money

Time is money and many businesses depend on private aviation to improve their bottom line. The Macon County Airport provides your business with a 5001 foot runway, state of the art terminal building with conference and meeting rooms, helipad, pilots lounge, aviation fuels and rental car availability. Future plans include an additional 1000’ runway extension.

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We Love Great Ideas!

Macon County recognizes and values the importance of entrepreneurship in today’s economy. Together with our strategic partners, we provide access to business plan development, training, networking opportunities and alternative financing options for new businesses. In addition, the Macon County Business Development Center features over 14,000 square feet of business and light manufacturing space dedicated to growing and nurturing business startups. Western Carolina University’s Rapid Center partners with businesses, industry and entrepreneurs to develop new products and processes.